3D Auto Copy

3D printed replicas of you & your pets

Bring your moments to life with 3D printing.

We are leading innovators in professional 3D photogrammetry. Our 3D scanners are among the fastest and the best in the world.

What We Offer

  • Fast 3D Scanning

    Fast 3D Scanning
    We 3D scan and copy you, your pet or anything in seconds.

  • Better 3D Scanning

    Perfect 3D Models and Avatars. Our 3D scans can be printed in colorful Sandstone, or in more than 160 different materials such as gold, brass, silver, marble plastic and many more.

  • 3D Print Your moments

    Dress-up, bring your love ones, and make an appointment today and be scanned with our state of the art 3D scanners.

How it Works


Background information on Photogrammetry

Using many digital photos, photogrammetry reconstructs 3D surfaces by matching uniquely identifiable points in multiple images, to triangulate points in three dimensional space – using the same principle as your eyes use to create depth. Connecting these points leads to an exact 3D model, the so called “mesh“. Our scanners capture in 0,001 seconds, not only the surface, but also the texture of an object. This allows the generation of 3D models with 16.7 million colors.

Once scanned the 3D digital files are ready to be 3D printed or used in several fields.

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